Who is Dot-Marie Jones’ wife?


Dot-Marie Jones, a formidable athlete turned actress, shines as the star of the new Allstate campaign, where she imparts six powerful words to those facing tough situations. Beyond her impressive career, she shares a deeply fulfilling life with her beloved, Bridgett Casteen.

Their love story began in 2010, when Casteen captured Jones’ heart. Since then, they’ve embarked on a thrilling journey together, nurturing their family, relishing in date nights, attending work events, and actively engaging in charitable endeavors. Their relationship exemplifies the significance of dedicating quality time to one another and their loved ones. While Casteen’s career path mirrors that of her wife, she chooses to maintain a private presence, shying away from the spotlight.

However, this doesn’t mean she remains entirely hidden; Casteen occasionally graces red carpets beside Jones and appears in various social media posts where her wife openly expresses the deep affection she holds for her. Their marriage appears to be a storybook romance for them both.



So, who is Bridgett Casteen?

Casteen’s life and career are equally as captivating as Jones’. She’s a 15-time world champion in arm wrestling and a retired athlete, capturing Jones’ heart completely. Born in February 1973, Casteen guards her personal life with care, but the bond she shares with her wife and children brings her immense joy. Their paths crossed in 2010, and after dating for a few years, Jones asked Casteen to be her wife during Anaheim Gay Days on October 4, 2013. They exchanged vows on December 21 of the same year, and their own happily ever after has unfolded since.

Jones gushed about her marriage to Casteen in a 2014 interview with People Magazine, expressing that it’s a dream come true:

“Oh, it’s fantastic! Just bought a house … and just getting everything dialed in and everything like that. We have a theater room – it’s got like a 120-inch screen – so, just hanging out and watching movies.”

While they lead a private and unassuming life, the couple has also faced trials and challenges together. Notably, in July of 2017, Casteen was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a life-threatening stroke caused by an undiagnosed heart condition. Thankfully, doctors identified the cause in time, performed surgery, and saved her life.

Together, Casteen and Jones are the proud parents of three children, and they find joy and wonder in each and every day they share.