Who Is Dolly Parton’s Niece Heidi Parton?


Dolly Parton’s profound love for her family is evident in her words and actions. In a heartfelt interview with The Guardian back in 2016, the iconic “9 to 5” singer-songwriter emphasized the central role family played in her life, expressing that they were her greatest love and a driving force behind her musical endeavors. She noted that the essence of family permeates every facet of her creative expression.

Dolly is part of a large family, counting 11 siblings among her relatives. Tragically, her younger brother Randy Parton, a musician himself, passed away from cancer in 2021. Randy, survived by his children Sabyn and Heidi, shared the stage with his sister Stella Parton and niece Heidi during a touching performance of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” at the grand opening of Stella’s Hat House cafe in 1992. This early exposure to performing alongside family members marked the beginning of Heidi’s enduring journey in the music industry.

Heidi Parton’s musical odyssey began at a tender age, mirroring the trajectory of her famous aunt. She made her debut on stage at Dollywood alongside her father at the tender age of 2. Over the years, Heidi continued to showcase her talents, evolving her presence at the theme park. Her first album, “This Kind of Love,” released in 2017, marked a significant milestone in her burgeoning career. Heidi expressed her hopes that the collection would inspire others, acknowledging its transformative impact on her own life.


In 2023, Heidi spoke to WVLT about her role in the Dollywood show “Harmonies of the Heart,” which paid tribute to Dolly’s musical legacy. She humbly described the experience as an honor and expressed gratitude for being able to represent her iconic aunt daily.

Notably, Heidi and Dolly collaborated on a holiday song, “You Are My Christmas,” featured in Dolly’s 2020 holiday album “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” In an announcement on Dolly’s website, she shared her pride in having Randy and Heidi contribute their harmonious vocals to the project. Heidi, in a video, conveyed her overwhelming joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a special collaboration with her beloved aunt.

Their close bond extends beyond music, evident in their heartfelt interactions on social media. Heidi frequently shares cherished moments with Dolly, capturing the joy of their reunions and underscoring the deep love they share for each other. These glimpses into their relationship offer fans a touching reminder of the enduring power of family ties.