Who is Dawn Laurel-Jones?


Dawn Laurel-Jones, born on April 24, 1964, might not have garnered as much public attention as her renowned husband, Tommy Lee Jones, but she has made her own mark in the entertainment industry. Dawn spent most of her career behind the scenes, working as a photographer and production assistant.

Her journey began as a camera operator in the 1980s, notably working on films like “The Good Old Days,” where she demonstrated her skill by ensuring stable shots. It was on one such movie set that she crossed paths with Tommy Lee Jones, igniting a romantic relationship that culminated in their marriage in 2001.

Following their union, Dawn continued to contribute to the film industry, particularly in her husband’s projects, serving as a production assistant for some of Tommy Lee Jones’ movies, including a couple of “Men in Black” films. However, she retired from this career path around the age of 50.


Currently, Dawn Laurel-Jones manages Tommy’s polo ranch situated outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known for his love of polo, Tommy Lee’s wife actively supports and manages their ranch, immersing herself in the world of polo and developing a keen interest in the sport over time. Dawn has undertaken roles such as chairing women’s polo associations, organizing polo matches, and promoting the sport across various platforms.

Apart from her involvement in the equestrian world, Dawn engages in hobbies like photography and ranch work, cherishing moments spent with her family. Despite not having biological children, she takes on a maternal role in the lives of Tommy Lee’s children from his previous marriage, Austin and Victoria Jones, both of whom are actively involved in the entertainment industry.

Currently residing on their Texas ranch, Dawn Laurel-Jones and Tommy Lee Jones embody a strong and enduring partnership, enjoying a comfortable and contented life together, representing one of Hollywood’s enduring and cherished couples.