Who is Dave Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim Chappelle?


Dave Chappelle, the renowned stand-up comedian, has been relatively private about his family life. However, some information is available about his children, including his second son, Ibrahim.

Chappelle married Elaine Chappelle in 2001, and the couple has three children. Their eldest son, Sulayman, was born in 2001, followed by Ibrahim two years later, and their daughter, Sanaa, in 2009. The family relocated to Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 2006, choosing a more secluded lifestyle away from the spotlight.

In rare instances, Chappelle has allowed glimpses into his family life. In 2019, during the Mark Twain Prize for Humor ceremony, Chappelle was accompanied by his wife and children. Additionally, Ibrahim made an appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” where Chappelle discussed how becoming a father transformed his career, a sentiment he also shared in an interview with CBS News.


Chappelle expressed how fatherhood significantly altered his perspective, making him take his professional life more seriously and adding depth to his personality.

Regarding Ibrahim’s interests, it’s known that he’s a fan of stand-up comedy. Despite being the son of a famous comedian, Ibrahim reportedly favors Kevin Hart as his favorite comedian. Chappelle humorously mentioned an instance when he took Ibrahim to one of Hart’s live performances and was surprised by his son’s loud laughter, somewhat offended as he thought, “I do this too,” in reference to his own career in comedy.

Chappelle seems to prioritize his role as a father, expressing the sentiment that while the days might feel long, the years pass by swiftly, emphasizing the fleeting nature of parenthood.