Who is Corinna Kopf?


Corinna Kopf, widely recognized as the “pouty girl” across various social media platforms, has ascended from her humble beginnings in a small YouTube community to becoming a prominent influencer, navigating through a web of controversies and maintaining a substantial online presence.

The 26-year-old model, known for her Instagram following of 6.8 million, has established a significant presence on platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, and OnlyFans. While Kopf maintains some privacy regarding her personal life, her journey as a popular streamer, influencer, and adult entertainer is filled with noteworthy highlights and controversies.

Born on December 1, 1995, in Palatine, Illinois, Kopf gained initial fame through her association with David Dobrik’s squad on YouTube in 2016. Her participation in Dobrik’s content, characterized by risky and occasionally dangerous pranks, contributed to her early recognition in the social media landscape.


Despite several controversies and allegations surrounding Dobrik that led to squad members departing, Kopf remains one of the few original members who defends Dobrik and credits him for her initial fame.

Transitioning from YouTube to gaming content creation, Kopf’s presence in Dobrik’s vlogs diminished as she focused on building her career on Twitch. However, her journey on Twitch faced turbulent waters from the start, marked by conflicts with the streaming platform that led to bans and challenges in her streaming career.

In 2019, Kopf received her first ban from Twitch, subsequently signing a contract with Facebook Gaming. Despite a successful stint with Fortnite streams, Kopf returned to Twitch after two years, hoping for a better relationship with the platform.

However, her return was marred by another ban in May, lasting 24 hours due to “inappropriate attire.” This incident further strained her ties with Twitch, leading Kopf to express her frustration on Twitter.

Amidst these bans and conflicts with Twitch, Kopf remained active on Instagram and maintained her income source through OnlyFans, where she has achieved substantial earnings, reportedly over $4 million in August 2021, and consistently earning over $1 million.

Presently, while Kopf’s Twitch channel remains active, she has branched out to Kick for live streams, partnering with xQc, a former prominent Twitch star. Despite these challenges, her net worth continues to flourish, estimated at $12 million in 2023, indicating her financial success and influence within the digital creator landscape.