Who is Chris Appleton’s husband?


Chris Appleton, although not as instantly recognizable as the Kardashian who presided over his wedding earlier this year, holds a web of influential connections within Hollywood’s elite circles.

Despite a relatively lower public profile, Chris Appleton has carved a niche for himself, especially within the exclusive realm of celebrity hairstyling. While he may not be a household name for the general public, his roster of A-list clients has bestowed upon him a significant level of prominence among the stars. This elevated status has contributed to Appleton’s increasing visibility in the industry. Additionally, his recent marriage, albeit brief and followed by a swift divorce, further intertwined him with a rising star, solidifying his ongoing association with Hollywood’s glitterati.

Chris Appleton tied the knot in April with Lukas Gage, a 28-year-old individual on the ascent in Hollywood. While Gage’s name might not yet resonate widely outside his specific fan base, his career trajectory hints at a potential rise akin to industry heavyweights like Tom Holland.


The wedding ceremony took place in Las Vegas and had the distinguished honor of being officiated by none other than Kim Kardashian, who proudly referred to Appleton as her “hair husband.” The enduring professional relationship between Appleton and Kardashian culminated in the broadcast of their nuptials on the latest Kardashian series, highlighting the close bond between the trio.

However, the union between Appleton and Gage lasted for a mere six months before news surfaced about their decision to part ways. Reports in mid-November revealed Appleton’s legal filing for divorce from Gage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” With prenuptial agreements in place, the separation proceedings are anticipated to proceed smoothly, potentially leading to the formalization of their single status by year’s end for both parties involved.