Who is Bobby Lytes and why is he on ‘House of Villains?’


E!, the network behind the broadcast of House of Villains, has a keen understanding of what captivates us during our reality TV binges. While we often find ourselves cheering for the likable, clever, and kind contestants on our favorite shows, it’s the villains—those who exhibit rudeness, cruelty, and generally aren’t well-liked—that truly spice up the entertainment. Never did I anticipate seeing Shake from the second season of Love Is Blind again, especially after the barrage of criticism he received from nearly every other cast member and even one of the hosts. Yet, his involvement in House of Villains has guaranteed my viewership. This sentiment echoes for every participant on the show, including the notorious Omarosa, and fans are eagerly anticipating watching these reality stars we love to hate vie for the title of America’s Favorite Supervillain, not to mention a substantial $200,000 cash prize.

The inaugural season of House of Villains will feature a roster of reality favorites alongside Shake, with Joel McHale hosting. Among them is Bobby Lytes from Love & Hip Hop, though those unfamiliar with his initial reality TV venture might not know how he earned his place on the show.

So, who exactly is Bobby Lytes? This 32-year-old hails from Florida and has a background in rap. He made his debut on Love & Hip Hop: Miami in its very first season and has remained a prominent cast member throughout most of the series’ run. Fans of the show have witnessed Lytes, an openly gay man, challenging the often homophobic rap community as he aspires to carve out a name for himself. Over the five seasons of the reality show, his role gradually diminished, largely due to the same confrontational behavior that secured his spot on the House of Villains lineup.


The question then arises: Why is Bobby Lytes participating in House of Villains? Much like the other contestants, Lytes earned his spot on the show by causing a stir—albeit not in a positive manner—in another reality program. For Lytes, this program was Love & Hip Hop: Miami, where clashes with fellow cast members were commonplace. His season one breakup, ensuing feuds, and complex relationships with several of his on-screen peers positioned him as a natural antagonist for fans of the Florida-based series, making him an ideal fit for House of Villains.