Who is Bobbi Storm?


In a viral TikTok and Instagram post in 2023, tensions soared between gospel singer Bobbi Storm and a Delta Airlines flight attendant, nearly leading to Storm being removed from the plane.

The footage revealed Storm standing in the aircraft aisle, excitedly sharing her recent Grammy nomination news with fellow passengers. However, a Delta flight attendant instructed her to return to her seat, to which Storm defended herself, stating that the seatbelt signs were off and she wasn’t disturbing anyone. Eventually complying, Storm sat down but didn’t cease her interaction with other passengers. She expressed her intention to sing for them, stating her desire to perform earlier but hesitated as she hadn’t done so in a while and had achieved a new status.

As Storm engaged with passengers and conversed in a loud manner, the Delta flight attendant intervened, repeatedly asking her to quiet down. Storm insisted she was following what she believed was the guidance of the Lord and even asked other passengers if they wanted to hear her song. The situation grew awkward until the flight attendant threatened to remove her from the flight. Storm then relented but still sang her new song, “We Can’t Forget Him,” albeit at a lower volume.


Following the video’s virality, Delta Airlines reportedly reached out to Storm. In a subsequent post, Storm expressed that she didn’t wish for the unnamed flight attendant to lose their job but hoped they learned a lesson in treating others respectfully. Delta emphasized the importance of adhering to flight crew instructions. Responses to Storm’s actions varied, with some criticizing her behavior as entitled. Maverick City Music, with whom Storm collaborated on “The Maverick Way,” a Grammy-nominated project, received two nominations in the 2024 Grammy Awards categories.

Storm contributed to the Maverick City Music single “Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make A Way),” mentioned by ABC News. However, she wasn’t individually nominated for the Grammy Awards.