Who is Ashley (Player 278) on ‘Squid Game: The Challenge?’


Ashley Tolbert, known as Player 278 in the reality competition show “Squid Game: The Challenge,” has emerged as a notable and controversial contestant, captivating audiences with her strategic gameplay and bold decisions throughout the series.

In the real world, Ashley Tolbert is a 30-year-old civil rights advocate based in Atlanta. Her professional background includes working as a HIPAA and civil rights investigator at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights in Atlanta. Previously, she served as a graduate assistant at Emory University and the Morehouse School of Medicine. Additionally, Tolbert showcased her athleticism by participating in the Cydney Gillon Peach Classic as a bodybuilder in May 2022.

Capitalizing on her newfound fame from the show, Tolbert has ventured into merchandise, offering T-shirts featuring her face—a move possibly driven by her increased visibility from the series.


Her experience as an ESL teacher in Shanghai, China, where she fluently speaks Mandarin, has influenced her ability to maintain a tough exterior, a quality she believes is crucial for ensuring personal success, both in the game and in life.

Tolbert’s standout moment in the series came during the Glass Bridge challenge when she broke away from the group’s strategy, ultimately leading to the elimination of Trey. Her assertiveness and refusal to conform have made her a polarizing figure among both viewers and fellow contestants.

Addressing criticisms on her social media, Tolbert expressed her autonomy in decision-making, emphasizing her commitment to doing what she deemed best for herself. She has received substantial attention and faced backlash from some viewers who have vocalized their opinions about her actions.

During the dice game, where players could nominate someone for elimination by rolling a 6, Tolbert found herself at risk when Mai unexpectedly nominated her. Despite the tense situation, neither of them rolled a 6. In turn, Tolbert nominated Mai for elimination, but the luck of the dice spared Mai from leaving the competition.

However, Tolbert’s journey in the game concluded during the Circle of Trust challenge, where Phil correctly identified Tolbert as the one who left the gift box on his desk, resulting in her elimination from the show.

Ashley Tolbert’s strategic gameplay, resolute demeanor, and willingness to challenge the status quo have solidified her as a compelling and controversial contestant in “Squid Game: The Challenge,” leaving a lasting impact on the show’s narrative and audience reception.