Who is Adele’s new husband?


Rich Paul, born in 1981, is a prominent American sports agent renowned for his substantial influence and success within the sports industry. As a sports agent, Paul engages directly with top athletes, leveraging his legal and business expertise to assist them in securing sponsorships, handling promotional activities, and providing various advisory services. Notably, his most illustrious client is LeBron James, a leading figure in the NBA, contributing significantly to Paul’s professional recognition and success.

With a portfolio boasting contracts valued at over $1.4 billion, as reported by Forbes in 2022, Rich Paul has emerged as a highly successful sports agent. His personal net worth stands at an impressive $120 million, reflecting his proficiency in the industry.

Paul’s journey began when he started his business career by selling vintage sports jerseys, ultimately transitioning into the realm of sports representation. His encounter with LeBron James in 2002 marked the inception of their enduring professional relationship. At just 21 years old, Paul’s industry expertise caught the attention of the 17-year-old LeBron, leading to a friendship that has lasted over two decades. The connection sparked when LeBron noticed Paul wearing a genuine vintage jersey belonging to NBA legend Warren Moon, leading to Paul providing James with a vintage Magic Johnson jersey and initiating their long-standing affiliation.


In 2012, Rich Paul founded the Klutch Sports Group, a venture that has expanded its clientele not only within the NBA but also across the NFL. His roster of high-profile clients includes notable figures like Odell Beckham Jr., solidifying his position as the fourth most powerful sports agent globally, according to Forbes.

Paul and Adele crossed paths in 2021 at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration, igniting their relationship. Adele has openly expressed her affection and admiration for Paul during public appearances, highlighting his humorous and intelligent nature. In her interviews and performances, Adele has openly discussed her desire to build a family with Paul, expressing her admiration for his intelligence and abilities in his profession.