Who Hallmark Star Danica McKellar’s Second Husband?


Danica McKellar, beloved for her role as Winnie Cooper in “The Wonder Years,” has since become a prominent figure in Hallmark Channel’s heartwarming movies. After her divorce from Mike Verta in 2013, she found love again in Scott Sveslosky. Their engagement was joyfully announced in July 2014, and they exchanged vows in an intimate Hawaiian sunrise ceremony later that year.

Scott Sveslosky’s professional life differs from the entertainment world his wife is part of. He is a partner at the Los Angeles-based firm Sheppard Mullin, specializing in insurance-related litigation. Additionally, he imparts his knowledge as an adjunct professor at Woodbury University. Prior to his legal career, Sveslosky pursued modeling, a facet of his life that surprised McKellar when they first met through mutual friends.

Sveslosky’s talents extend beyond his legal expertise. He demonstrated his creative side by writing McKellar’s romantic comedy “Swinging Into Romance,” a project she both produced and starred in. He also penned her previous Hallmark movie, “Campfire Kiss.” Embracing their roles as parents, McKellar and Sveslosky blended their families, each bringing a son into their union—Draco Verta and Hunter Sveslosky. The couple finds great joy in witnessing the close bond forming between the boys.


While they contemplated expanding their family further, McKellar humorously shared thoughts of potentially opening a foster home. Sveslosky, though not active on social media, frequently accompanies his wife and stepson on various outings, showcasing their strong family unit. Their shared journey, filled with appreciation for life’s simple pleasures, continues to be a source of immense happiness for both McKellar and her devoted husband, Sveslosky.