Who Did NFL Star Braxton Berrios Cheat On His Girlfriend With?


NFL player Braxton Berrios was in a relationship with Sophia Culpo for two years until it ended in March. Culpo revealed the breakup in a TikTok video, mentioning the need to move on after the relationship was over. Later, she claimed that Berrios cheated on her with influencer Alix Earle.

About a month after announcing the split, Culpo talked openly about the breakup during an Instagram Q&A. She mentioned that it didn’t end well, and there were significant trust issues. She didn’t go into all the specific details at that time, but she hinted that she might do so in the future.

A few months later, Berrios was romantically linked to Earle, prompting Culpo to make a veiled comment about her ex on TikTok. Berrios responded on his Instagram Stories, asserting that their relationship had been healthy and ended amicably, unrelated to anyone else.


Culpo later claimed that Berrios had cheated on her after a concert in February and provided more details about the situation. She mentioned that she had confirmation of other instances of unfaithfulness. Additionally, she found out about Berrios’ interaction with Alix Earle from her sister, Olivia Culpo.

Despite the public discussion, Alix Earle maintained that she never dated Berrios while he was still with Sophia Culpo. The two continued to keep their own relationship casual, despite making appearances together at events. Earle emphasized that she took precautions to ensure there was no overlap between her relationship with Berrios and his previous one with Culpo.