Who are Ice Spice’s parents?


Ice Spice, the music industry’s newest sensation, is an unavoidable presence on everyone’s timeline, solidifying her position as an influential artist of our time. With her distinct red hair and an impressive collaboration with the renowned Taylor Swift, Ice Spice has earned a Grammy nomination, marking a significant milestone in her career despite her humble beginnings.

Contrary to perceptions of being a product of privilege, Ice Spice’s rise to stardom stems from an ordinary upbringing. Raised by parents who, though not famous, played crucial roles in her musical journey, Ice Spice attributes much of her passion for music to her father, Joseph Gaston. While Gaston, a former underground rapper turned real estate professional, remains private about his past in music, his influence on Ice Spice’s artistic development is undeniable.

Her mother, Charina Almanzar, formerly a car saleswoman, was part of Ice Spice’s early life, although her relationship with Gaston didn’t last long, leading to their divorce when Ice Spice was just a toddler. Despite this, Ice Spice holds no animosity, crediting her ‘bad b*tch-isms’ to her mother and cherishing her family life, being the eldest among five siblings.

Growing up, Ice Spice found solace in her grandparents’ bustling household while her parents worked, embracing the solitude she now values. While her birth name is Isis Naija Gaston, the transition to her stage moniker, Ice Spice, denotes her shift to a cooler and more marketable identity, reflecting her journey from a conventional upbringing to the global spotlight.