White House shares insights over potential Hamas – Israel hostages deal


A senior Israeli official has shared about a potential deal underway with the Hamas terror group regarding the hostage situation. BBC has reported that 50 Israelis will be released “within four days” – which means about 12 of them per day.

The senior Israeli officer said that all of Israel’s security bodies, as well as the military and intelligence services are in favour of the deal, after rejecting the initial deal which was mediated by Qatar.

The official stated, “In addition, maybe Hamas will release Thais unilaterally. At most it will 80 people.”


Apart from BBC reports, there have been reports that Israel will be required to agree to release 150 Palestinian prisoners it holds – with women and children being the priority on both sides.

The potential release of the Palestinian prisoners might be the explanation behind Israeli government’s meeting tonight – as it would have to sign this off.

At 2000 hours in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet his cabinet. Earlier, his office had said that the talk were in light of developments on the issue of the release of our hostages.

Meanwhile, White House spokesperson John Kirby has been opening up to reporters regarding a potential deal between Hamas and Israel. Kirby cited “safe passage” for the captives to return to Israel as the most crucial point in the deal.

He also shared latest updates on Gaza, as he claimed that 50 trucks have entered the enclaved territory with humanitarian aid. The non-government organisations have also managed to supply 20 gallons of fuel in the region, which will be used to keep the hospitals functioning.