Whistle Movie: Young Stars Dafne Keen and Sophie Nélisse Join in Upcoming Horror Film helmed by ‘The Nun’ Director


Renowned for his work on ‘The Nun’, director Corin Hardy is set to unleash a new horror spectacle. Titled ‘Whistle’, the film will feature Dafne Keen from ‘Logan’ and Sophie Nélisse from ‘Yellowjackets’, portraying two adolescents ensnared in the clutches of an ancient Aztec curse. Penned by Owen Egerton, whose short story serves as the source material, the plot centers on a group of high school students who stumble upon an ominous Aztec death whistle. When the eerie instrument is sounded, its macabre melody foretells their impending demise; surrounded by the deaths of their peers, they race against time to uncover the whistle’s origins before facing their own fates.

Joining Keen and Nélisse in this chilling cinematic endeavor are Percy Hynes White of ‘Wednesday’, Sky Yang from ‘Rebel Moon’, and Nick Frost of ‘Hot Fuzz’. Speaking about the premise, Hardy remarked, “The premise of Whistle is simple, immediate, and has a fresh, haunting mythology. A cursed object that summons your future death to come and find you. The screenplay has echoes of some of my favorite classic horrors like The Ring, A Nightmare On Elm Street or It Follows, with elements of seminal high school movies The Breakfast Club and Donnie Darko.” This Canada-Ireland co-production, covered by the Canadian actors’ union ACTRA, remains unaffected by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Filming is slated to commence next month in Ontario, Canada.

The Aztec death whistle, a relatively recent archaeological discovery, emerged in the late 1990s during excavations of an Aztec temple in Mexico City. Found clutched by the remains of an apparent sacrificial offering were two ceramic whistles adorned with the skeletal visage of the Aztec death god Mictlantecuhtli. Larger reproductions of this eerie instrument were crafted, revealing a bone-chilling shriek akin to the tormented cries of the damned. Despite the lore that has sprouted around these whistles, including tales of Aztec warriors using them en masse on the battlefield to create a nightmarish cacophony, archaeological knowledge about their actual use in Aztec society remains scarce. Nevertheless, Aztec mythology and iconography, both tangible and imagined, have exerted a significant influence on various horror films, ranging from ‘Q, The Winged Serpent’ to ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.


‘Whistle’ is poised to commence filming in Ontario in early November. Keep an eye on Collider for forthcoming updates on this spine-chilling project.