Which surprise songs has Taylor Swift not performed on the Eras Tour?


The cultural phenomenon surrounding Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour continues to captivate audiences, promising an extended wave of excitement and anticipation well into 2024.

Spanning across 65 shows in the Americas, Swift’s Eras Tour is set to conquer Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and return to the US for over 80 additional performances. A highlight of each tour stop is the “surprise song” segment, where Swift treats fans to acoustic renditions of two unreleased songs not included in the setlist.

Swift’s extensive catalog boasts over 150 songs, providing her with a plethora of options. Initially, her rule was not to repeat songs unless an error occurred during the initial performance. However, during her last 2023 show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Swift announced that for the 2024 leg of the Eras Tour, the surprise song counter would reset, offering all songs for potential live performances.


Despite a substantial representation of songs from each of Swift’s 10 albums during previous Eras Tour shows, numerous tracks remain untouched. Breaking it down by album, there’s a list of songs yet to be unveiled live by Taylor Swift.

Songs Yet to be Performed by Album:

 Debut (Taylor Swift)
Taylor Swift’s eponymous debut album, affectionately known among fans as “Debut,” hasn’t featured any songs on the regular setlist. Therefore, the only opportunity for fans to hear tracks from this album has been during the surprise song segment. Songs awaiting their live debut from “Debut” include “The Outside,” “A Perfectly Good Heart,” and “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My).”

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” offers multiple opportunities for surprise song appearances, including the “From the Vault” tracks. Yet to be played from this album are “The Way I Loved You,” “Change,” “Come In With The Rain,” “Superstar,” “We Were Happy,” “That’s When,” “Don’t You,” and “Bye Bye Baby.”

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)
Initially represented by only “Enchanted” before the TV release, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” has gained traction with “Long Live” becoming a regular inclusion post-release. However, the remaining tracks awaiting their live performance are “Superman,” “Electric Touch,” and “Foolish One.”

Red (Taylor’s Version)
Boasting 30 tracks, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” frequently appears in the surprise song segment. Except for “Nothing New” performed with Phoebe Bridgers during select shows, unrevealed tracks include “Girl at Home,” “Ronan,” “Babe,” “Forever Winter,” “Run,” and “Eyes Open.”

1989 (Taylor’s Version)
“1989 (Taylor’s Version)” has only one remaining unplayed track, “Sweeter Than Fiction,” which was re-recorded and released from the original One Chance soundtrack.

Similar to “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” Swift’s sixth album, “Reputation,” has just one track yet to be played live: “I Did Something Bad.”

Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights
These albums—Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights—have had limited opportunities for live performances due to various circumstances. “Lover” still holds three unperformed songs from its soundtrack—“London Boy,” “Soon You’ll Get Better,” and “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.” “Folklore” presents “Epiphany,” “Peace,” and “Hoax” as untouched tracks. Similarly, “Evermore” has “Happiness,” “Long Story Short,” and “Closure” awaiting their live debut. Swift’s record-breaking album “Midnights” has yet to feature “Paris,” “Glitch,” “Dear Reader,” and “You’re Losing Me” during live performances.

The anticipation for these unrevealed songs to hit the stage in the 2024 Eras Tour has Swifties eagerly awaiting each show, hoping to experience these tracks live for the first time.