Which ‘Dragon Ball’ fusion is stronger, Vegito or Gogeta?


The debate over who is stronger between Vegito and Gogeta has been a long-standing topic among Dragon Ball fans. Here’s an analysis:

In terms of raw power, Gogeta is considered the stronger fusion. This is primarily due to the time limits associated with each fusion form. Vegito, formed by the Potara earrings, has a time limit on his fusion due to the immense power he possesses. During the fight with Zamasu, Vegito’s fusion was cut short significantly after entering the Super Saiyan Blue form. On the other hand, Gogeta, formed through the fusion dance, has a 30-minute time limit, allowing him to go all out without the same restrictions. This was exemplified in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film.

Both Vegito and Gogeta are incredibly powerful and their strengths are quite competitive. However, Gogeta has demonstrated one of the most remarkable feats in the franchise’s history – shattering dimensions with shockwaves of power during the battle against Broly.


It’s important to note that the power levels of both Vegito and Gogeta continue to grow alongside Goku and Vegeta. By the time of the Broly battle, they are at their most formidable.

Aside from raw power, personal preference and aesthetics can also play a role in determining a favorite. Many fans find Gogeta’s appearance to be cooler and more appealing than Vegito’s, giving Gogeta an extra point in that regard.

While Dragon Ball Super may eventually provide an official statement on which fusion form is superior, for now, based on the limitations of Vegito’s form, it is generally assumed that Gogeta holds the edge in terms of power.