Which Broadway star did Hannah Waddingham’s daughter request for her Christmas special?


Hannah Waddingham’s 2023 Christmas special, “Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas,” has been a delightful addition to the holiday season. Released on Nov. 22, the Apple TV Plus special features Waddingham interacting with various well-known celebrities, creating a festive and heartwarming atmosphere. Among the stars making appearances are a couple of fellow actors from the acclaimed series “Ted Lasso,” along with a significant guest specially requested by Waddingham’s daughter.

The most significant request for the Christmas special came from Waddingham’s daughter, Kitty, whose input was highly valued in the selection of special guests. Kitty had a specific wish for a particular personality to join the lineup: Leslie Odom Jr., the renowned Broadway talent and star from the hit musical “Hamilton.”

During an interview with Seth Meyers, Waddingham revealed that she allowed her daughter to choose one guest for the special. Despite her initial concern about the choice, fearing it might not align with the reality of securing such a prominent figure, Kitty unhesitatingly expressed her desire for Leslie Odom Jr. to be part of the show.


Waddingham was cautiously optimistic, considering Odom Jr.’s busy schedule, but remarkably, the request was swiftly granted. Odom Jr.’s representatives responded positively to Waddingham’s inquiry, and soon enough, the acclaimed star was confirmed to be part of the festive celebrations in the Christmas special.

The inclusion of Leslie Odom Jr. in “Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas” fulfills Kitty’s wish and adds an extra touch of magic to the already charming Yuletide experience available for viewers on Apple TV Plus.