Where to watch the ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ anime


The allure of ’90s anime persists despite the influx of impressive new-generation series. Reflecting on that era, it’s undeniable that it boasts its own iconic treasures, and among them stands Yu Yu Hakusho as a shining example.

Since its debut in 1992, Yu Yu Hakusho has ensnared audiences with its enthralling narrative centered around Yusuke Urameshi. Fusing adventure, martial arts, and supernatural elements, it easily captivates viewers, not to mention its compelling characters that resonate deeply with audiences.

The enduring impact of Yu Yu Hakusho within the anime community has culminated in a Netflix live-action adaptation. Naturally, this rendition of Yoshihiro Togashi’s beloved tale has introduced the series to a fresh wave of viewers, igniting newfound interest in the original anime.


However, due to its vintage nature, locating this older anime may daunt some enthusiasts. The landscape of streaming platforms primarily showcases newer content, making it challenging to find classics like Yu Yu Hakusho. Disappointingly, Netflix, despite the live-action adaptation, doesn’t host the original anime. Yet, fret not, alternative avenues are available.

For those keen on delving into Yu Yu Hakusho, Crunchyroll emerges as a prime destination, given its vast collection of anime. Nevertheless, other streaming platforms like Hulu, Funimation, and Tubi also offer the series, allowing fans to indulge in its episodes. Alternatively, for enthusiasts prepared to invest in entire seasons, platforms like Apple TV, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store provide the option to purchase seasons 1 through 4.

Armed with these options, you can now immerse yourself in Yu Yu Hakusho at your convenience. After all, missing out on one of the finest martial arts anime experiences would be a regrettable oversight, wouldn’t it?