Where to watch Star Trek: Lower Decks: The most underappreciated Star Trek series is now available for free on YouTube!


Being a fan of Star Trek is fantastic right now. Why? In any case, during the past few years, Star Trek has seen something of a resurgence with the production of some of the most thrilling episodes in the franchise’s almost six-decade-long history, some of which we’d venture to call among the finest sci-fi series ever created.

One of these new programmes may even be my favourite Star Trek series since Voyager, if I may be that bold. It goes without saying that I’m referring to the legendary Star Trek: Lower Decks. Now, when it was initially revealed, many fans weren’t too thrilled with the concept of Star Trek exploring a two-dimensional universe, and there were worries the show would try too hard to mimic the popularity of programmes like Rick and Morty, losing that Gene Roddenberry ethos in the process.

Fans need not worry, though. The adventures of the crew of the USS Cerritos are a real love letter to the greatest science fiction franchise ever, Star Trek, and Lower Decks, under the kind guidance of Mike McMahan, turned out to be one of the best-animated programmes of all time.


Star Trek: Lower Decks (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Every episode is literally bursting with Easter eggs, including references to Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members you had forgotten existed and Star Trek Starships you hadn’t seen since the Battle of Wolf 359, to name a few. The Lower Decks Crew, however, is what really makes this series stand out.

The finest Star Trek characters ever created are Boimler, Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford, each of whom contributed something unique to the series. We adore it all, whether it’s Tendi’s passion for science or Boimler’s extreme adoration of the Star Trek captain he’s into this week.

But you don’t have to accept it from us. You can watch the complete third season of Star Trek Lower Decks right now on YouTube, so you can see for yourself. When you’re finished with that, we suggest watching the Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover episode. You won’t be disappointed. It should not function, yet it does. Watch here!

Last but not least, after you’ve had a taste of Lower Decks, you’ll undoubtedly want to know when you can catch the crew’s upcoming exciting trip.