Where to watch ‘Milgram’ anime?


Milgram stands as a remarkable deviation from the traditional anime series, carving its own path as an interactive venture rather than a conventional show. Crafted by DECO*27 and Yamanaka Takuya, Milgram consists of anime music videos interwoven to create an overarching storyline. What sets it apart is the audience’s pivotal role in shaping the narrative, wherein the story dynamically changes based on the collective decisions of fans.

This innovative approach mirrors the mechanics of video games but on a grander scale, relying on a communal consensus rather than an individual player’s choices. Its groundbreaking nature within the anime landscape has garnered significant attention since its debut in 2020, attesting that experimenting with new concepts can indeed yield success.

At its core, Milgram centers on Es, a prison guard entrusted with delving into the psyches of ten inmates implicated in causing someone’s demise, whether directly or indirectly. Each music video delves into a character’s tale, offering clues for viewers to assemble the narrative puzzle. After each segment, the audience holds the power to absolve or condemn the inmate’s guilt by voting on Milgram’s official website, thereby altering the course of the inmates’ trials.


The project draws inspiration from the renowned Milgram experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1961, exploring obedience to authority figures among prisoners and guards. Though the animated series diverges in premise, its captivating subject matter remains intriguingly connected to this historical study.

For those eager to delve into Milgram’s immersive world, the accessibility is a boon. Unlike many series restricted to subscription-based streaming platforms, Milgram can be enjoyed for free on its official YouTube channel. While previous trailers and teasers might lack English translations, rest assured that all actual episodes feature subtitles. Moreover, the channel treats fans to covers of past songs, enriching the experience. Supplementary content like character information, news, or interrogations can be found on the project’s official Twitter account.

With all the essentials now laid out, there’s no better time to dive into the intricacies of Milgram. Each passing day without exploring this unique interactive experience is a missed opportunity to become an active participant in shaping its compelling narrative.