Where is the ‘Bones’ cast now?


Emily Deschanel, best known for her role as Temperance Brennan in “Bones,” rose to fame with her dedicated portrayal on the long-running Fox series. Her career took a significant turn following her stint as the lead character, resulting in numerous co-producer and producer credits. By the end of “Bones,” Deschanel and her co-star, David Boreanaz, were reportedly earning a substantial $250,000 per episode. Beyond her acting career, Deschanel remains engaged in activism, advocating for philanthropic causes like Mercy Corps and promoting a vegan lifestyle. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, David Hornsby, and their two sons. Recently, she delved into a scripted thriller podcast titled “Agent Stoker.”

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz, recognized for his role as Seeley Booth on “Bones,” transitioned into the show following his tenure on “Angel” and various other projects. Alongside his professional achievements, Boreanaz has navigated public scrutiny due to past scandals, notably regarding his marriage. After “Bones,” he continued his career with a lead role in the CBS series “SEAL Team,” which ran for seven seasons across different platforms before concluding. His next career move remains uncertain, but his continuous engagement in the industry indicates an ongoing active presence.

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin, who played Angela Montenegro on “Bones,” embarked on a rollercoaster journey with her character’s storyline, involving significant personal and professional milestones. Staying close friends with Emily Deschanel post-“Bones,” Conlin updates her career endeavors on Instagram, offering insight into her upcoming projects, including a sitcom alongside “The Office’s” Ellie Kemper, inspired by the British series “Motherland.”

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan, recognized for his role as Zack Addy on “Bones,” now approaches his 50th birthday. Since the series ended, Millegan’s professional life has shifted toward live shows, philanthropic endeavors, and a foray into stand-up comedy and magic. He has also co-hosted six seasons of the sports podcast “Around the NBA.”

T. J. Thyne

T. J. Thyne, known for playing Jack Hodgins on “Bones,” maintained an active acting career before, during, and after his tenure on the show. While he hasn’t found a project as enduring as “Bones,” Thyne has remained prolific in the industry. Notably, he reprised his role from “How High” in its sequel and participated in projects like “The Offer,” a dramatic retelling of “The Godfather’s” making.

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor, who portrayed Camille Saroyan on “Bones,” continued her acting journey post-series. She joined the MCU universe through a role in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and expanded her repertoire with appearances in the “Law & Order” franchise spinoffs. Her recent credits include “Snowfall.”

Ryan O’Neal

Ryan O’Neal, a prominent actor from the ’70s, appeared in “Bones” as Max Keenan. Sadly, O’Neal passed away on December 8, 2023, at the age of 82. While the cause of death was not disclosed, O’Neal had battled cancer in recent years. His portrayal in “Bones” marked a significant return to the screen in his later years and proved to be his final on-screen appearance.