Where is ‘Survivor’ 45 winner Dee Valladares from?


Dee Valladares, the triumphant winner of Survivor 45, emerged victorious after navigating the challenges of the game, showcasing her strategic prowess and exceptional social skills. Hailing originally from Havana, Cuba, she currently resides in Miami, Florida. Dee’s Survivor journey began on the dominant Reba tribe, where her strategic gameplay and social finesse helped her avoid being a target for elimination.

Her success on Survivor was not merely luck but a result of her strong entrepreneurial background. At 23, Dee founded WANAROAM, a company specializing in durable travel backpacks. Her experiences in entrepreneurship taught her invaluable lessons in transforming ideas into reality, overcoming financial uncertainties, and honing her skills in collaboration and effective communication with business partners.

Her professional background in sales further sharpened her ability to discern key elements of a message and convey compelling narratives rather than merely selling a product. Dee’s astuteness extended to her Survivor gameplay, where she knew when to take a step back, allowing others to take charge, especially in the game’s initial stages to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.


Survivor was not just a challenge for Dee; it was a personal journey rooted in her upbringing and family’s hardships. Her upbringing in a financially constrained environment, where her parents struggled to make ends meet, instilled in her a remarkable work ethic and resilience. She recounted stories of her parents’ struggles in Cuba, where even gum was considered a scarce resource, and meager meals like a cup of noodles were the norm due to financial constraints.

Her parents’ relentless dedication to providing for the family, even in menial jobs like bus driving or janitorial work, left an indelible mark on Dee. Memories of her parents’ sacrifices and hard work became her source of strength during the grueling Survivor challenges. She remembered their unwavering love and work ethic, which motivated her to persevere through the toughest moments on the show, staying focused on her goals despite the hardships.

Dee’s Survivor victory wasn’t just a triumph in the game; it was a testament to her resilience, determination, and the values instilled by her upbringing. Her journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a successful entrepreneur and eventually conquering Survivor stands as a testament to her unwavering spirit and dedication.