Where is Princess Diana’s final resting place?


Princess Diana’s final resting place is located on the grounds of the Althorp estate in West Northamptonshire, England. This estate was also her childhood home. Her gravesite, situated on an island called “The Oval,” is separated from the rest of the estate by a lake.

The actual burial site where Diana’s body rests is not open to the public. Originally, plans were for her to be buried alongside her father and other Spencer family members at Great Brington Church in a nearby village. However, concerns regarding the safety and privacy of her final resting place led to the decision for a more remote location.

Access to the island and gravesite is restricted, and only a select few have permission to visit. Prince Harry has mentioned that the burial service on the secluded island was the only time he could openly express his grief for his mother away from the public eye. This private setting provided him with the space to mourn following the highly publicized funeral service and procession.


For those wishing to pay tribute to Princess Diana, there is a memorial temple in Althorp Park that the public can visit. The temple features a memorial bench with an image of the late Princess’ silhouette and a poignant quote from Diana expressing her dedication to helping vulnerable people in society. This memorial serves as a place where visitors can reflect on Diana’s philanthropic spirit and her commitment to aiding those in need.