Where is Prince Harry in line for the throne?


Ever since King Charles’ cancer diagnosis earlier this year, the Royal Family’s efforts to quell concerns have been in vain, as the news inevitably reignited discussions about the British monarchy’s line of succession far sooner than anticipated.

Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable 70-year reign stands in stark contrast to Charles, who has barely completed two years as king at the time of this writing. Despite the Windsors’ reputation for longevity and access to top-tier medical care afforded by their immense wealth, the question of who will succeed Charles remains on people’s minds.

While Prince William, Charles’ eldest son, is the designated heir and next in line to the throne, the position of Charles’ second son, Prince Harry, in the pecking order raises curiosity.


Prince Harry is officially fifth in line to ascend to the British throne in the event of King Charles’ passing. The gap between him and William widened considerably with the births of William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who rank second, third, and fourth respectively in the line of succession.

Once William and Kate’s offspring are accounted for, the line of succession shifts to Harry and Meghan Markle’s family, with their eldest child, Archie, occupying the sixth position. Following Archie is his younger sister, Princess Lilibet, making her seventh in line, although the top six are considered the most pertinent.

Under the Perth Agreement, a Commonwealth-wide amendment to succession rules, only the first six in line to the throne are required to seek the monarch’s consent before marriage. Those who wed without permission, along with their descendants, are excluded from the succession queue. Thus, depending on Charles’ lifespan, Lilibet may one day be free to marry without consent or have to seek approval from her uncle William.

Despite Harry’s formal status as a U.S. resident, he remains part of the line of succession. If, heaven forbid, anything were to happen to William, Kate, and their children, Harry would ascend to the first position, followed by his children.