Where Is Ian Somerhalder Now?


Ian Somerhalder, born in Covington, Louisiana in 1978, began his journey in the entertainment industry at a young age, first as a model and later transitioning into acting. He secured small roles in television series like “The Big Easy” and “Now and Again,” eventually landing a recurring role in “Young Americans” in 2000. This paved the way for his breakout role on “Lost” in 2004. However, he is best known for portraying vampire Damon Salvatore in the immensely popular series “The Vampire Diaries,” which he joined in 2009.

Somerhalder’s time on “The Vampire Diaries” was marked by personal and professional growth. He dated his co-star Nina Dobrev and gained widespread recognition for his role. After the show concluded in 2017, Somerhalder transitioned away from the limelight, focusing on personal pursuits. He found love with Nikki Reed, known for her role in “Twilight,” and they embarked on a journey of starting a family together.

The couple, who married in 2015, are devoted parents to two children. Their life together is characterized by a deep bond and a commitment to privacy. They have intentionally shielded their children from public scrutiny, rarely sharing images of their faces on social media.


In addition to his roles as a husband and father, Somerhalder has embraced a quieter lifestyle, residing on a farm with his family. This shift away from the bustling city of Los Angeles allows them to lead a more grounded and nature-oriented life.

While Somerhalder has largely stepped back from mainstream acting, he did take on a role in the series “V Wars,” which he also co-produced and directed. This marked a return to the screen, albeit in a different genre. The show, however, was not renewed for a second season.

Somerhalder’s post-acting career has been marked by his dedication to philanthropy and environmental advocacy. He co-founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in 2010, focusing on causes related to the environment, animals, and youth empowerment. His contributions to various charities and organizations reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Furthermore, Somerhalder, along with former co-star Paul Wesley, established Brother’s Bond Bourbon, a spirit brand that has garnered a substantial following. This venture allows Somerhalder to pursue his passion for craftsmanship and quality.

His involvement in documentaries like “Kiss the Ground” and its sequel “Common Ground” highlights his dedication to environmental causes. These films delve into regenerative agriculture and soil conservation, demonstrating Somerhalder’s belief in educating and inspiring positive change.

Somerhalder’s advocacy extends to political arenas, as he has been actively involved in lobbying for the 2023 Farm Bill. His efforts underscore his determination to effect change on a broader scale.

In summary, Ian Somerhalder’s post-acting career has been defined by a commitment to environmental causes, philanthropy, and family life. He continues to use his platform to inspire positive change and make a lasting impact on the world.