Where is Buster Murdaugh from ‘Murdaugh Murders’ now?


The Netflix true crime documentary “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” delves into the legal dynasty of the Murdaughs and their involvement in various criminal incidents, including the tragic killing of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh in June 2021.

The mother and son were tragically shot by Alex Murdaugh, the family’s patriarch, allegedly as a means to divert attention from impending revelations of financial wrongdoings. Alex, despite maintaining his plea of innocence, received two life sentences for the murder and pleaded guilty to “22 counts of financial fraud and money laundering,” according to AP reports. Throughout these scandals, one family member has largely remained unaffected.

Buster Murdaugh, the eldest son of Maggie and Alex, and Paul’s older brother, was situated 200 miles away from the crime scene but remains convinced that his father couldn’t have committed such heinous acts.


As of November 2022, Buster Murdaugh resided in a one-bedroom condominium on Hilton Head Island with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White. The two have been together for at least two years, and Buster testified to being at White’s Rock Hill home at the time of the murders.

Buster, in keeping with family tradition, pursued law studies at the University of South Carolina in 2019. However, he faced expulsion for plagiarism and was not readmitted despite his father’s considerable efforts, reportedly spending up to $60,000 on legal representation. White also attended the same law school around the same time and currently works as an attorney specializing in estate planning, probate, and trust administration at Olivetti McCray & Withrow.

As of September 2022, the family’s attorney, Jim Griffin, stated that Buster had postponed his aspiration to attend law school and had no plans to return in the near future. As of September 2023, there are no reported updates on Buster’s activities. He finally addressed the case publicly in Fox Nation’s three-part documentary, “The Fall of The House of Murdaugh,” which aired on August 31.

Buster Murdaugh maintains his father’s innocence but believes he may exhibit psychopathic traits due to his dishonesty and admission of financial crimes. He emphasizes that he is fundamentally different from his father, asserting, “I am not a thief, I am not a liar, I am not a manipulator. In those regards, I am nothing like him.”

In a curious turn of events, Alex confessed to orchestrating an attempt on his own life a few months after Maggie and Paul’s deaths, intending for his cousin Curtis Smith to fatally shoot him. Well, This scheme aimed to secure $10 million in life insurance money for Buster. The attempt only resulted in a grazing wound to Alex, while Curtis was arrested and charged with “assisted suicide” and “conspiracy to commit insurance fraud,” among other charges.

The Murdaugh family’s controversies run deep, with the shadow of another mysterious death in 2015 casting a new light on the case. Initially ruled as a hit-and-run, Stephen Smith’s demise near the Moselle estate is now being investigated as a potential murder. Despite rumours linking Buster and Stephen romantically, both attending the same high school, there is no concrete evidence connecting them. Buster emphatically denies any involvement in Stephen’s murder, stating, “I never had anything to do with his murder, and I never had anything to do with him on a physical level, of any regard.”

The Murdaugh family’s saga continues, leaving the possibility of further dark revelations in its wake, even with Alex Murdaugh incarcerated for life.