Where does Stephen King lie on the Christmas movie spectrum?


Stephen King, the celebrated horror author, recently sparked some controversy when he expressed his disdain for Christmas movies. In a seemingly spontaneous move on December 18, 2023, just a week before Christmas, King made his sentiments known on Twitter. Responding to a fellow author’s suggestion of a White Christmas/Holiday Inn double feature, King retweeted with a blunt and grumpy statement: “I hate Christmas movies.”

This unexpected proclamation stirred up a social media storm, with reactions ranging from passionate defenders of holiday films to those who shared King’s disinterest in Yuletide-themed movies. The online response became an intriguing mix of political accusations, festive recommendations, and a variety of opinions on the genre’s cheesiness and appeal.

It’s evident that King’s opinion was polarizing, drawing a line between those who vehemently disagree with his stance and others who share a similar sentiment about certain Christmas movies. While some defended the joy and tradition that Christmas films bring, others echoed King’s distaste, particularly for overly formulaic and sentimental movies often found on networks like Hallmark.


It’s essential to acknowledge that not everyone enjoys the same types of holiday movies. While King’s tweet might have incited debate, it’s ultimately a matter of personal taste. Whether he genuinely detests all Christmas movies or simply finds the majority unappealing remains a mystery. Nonetheless, it’s reasonable to assume that his intention might have been to challenge the notion of obligatory holiday viewing rather than condemn the entire genre.

In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions, including King, and individuals can continue enjoying their favorite Christmas movies, irrespective of his sentiments. So, whether reveling in festive cheer with traditional classics or opting for unconventional choices like Die Hard, the joy of the season remains unaffected by differing opinions on holiday films.