Where does Cardi B live?


Cardi B, known for her music and viral presence, has extended her opulence beyond the recording studio to amass a staggering net worth, estimated by some sources to exceed $40 million.

The rapper’s extensive wealth is reflected in her impressive real estate holdings scattered across various locations. One of her primary residences is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Cardi B announced her move to the upscale neighborhood of Buckhead in 2019. Her Atlanta mansion spans 22,000 square feet, boasting luxurious features like space for six cars, a formal front garden, a private sitting room, a library, and a spa-style bathroom. While the initial listing price was $5.795 million, the actual sale price remains undisclosed.

Cardi B’s real estate journey began with her initial home in New Jersey, where she settled after leaving her Bronx roots. She reportedly resided in a condo in the Edgewater neighborhood, paying around $3,000 a month. Later, she upgraded to a second home in New Jersey in September 2021, which showcased lavish amenities including a library, office, fitness center, wine cellar, and home theater.


Expressing the importance of having a base in New York City for family gatherings due to her frequent travels, Cardi B mentioned the significance of her New Jersey property. Details regarding this residence are limited, although it’s known that she also possesses and frequents a home in Los Angeles, where she once shared concerns about its haunting in 2023.

Managing multiple homes across different states can be demanding, which led Cardi B to acquire a property in the Dominican Republic to alleviate the stress of juggling multiple homeownership responsibilities. Offset, her husband and fellow rapper, purchased the holiday home in 2021 as an investment property valued at $1.49 million. This diverse real estate portfolio illustrates Cardi B’s penchant for luxury and comfort across various locations.