Where can I watch ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé?’


The music scene is currently abuzz with anticipation for Beyoncé’s latest concert film, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.” This documentary offers an insider’s view of the singer’s newest album, “Renaissance,” and the extensive tour she embarked upon in its support. The film hit cinemas worldwide on December 1, marking an exciting chapter for fans eager to witness Beyoncé’s artistic journey.

The concert film encapsulates an extraordinary promotional tour where Beyoncé made headlines by taking on roles such as a news anchor, captivating audiences with high-flying glitter horses, and even incorporating a tank into her stage performances. This monumental tour, ranking among the most financially successful in history, inevitably paved the way for the creation of a film. Beyoncé has, after all, released six music-related film projects since 2011, signifying her commitment to visual storytelling in tandem with her music.

Amidst the lingering resonance of “Renaissance” 17 months post-release, fans worldwide are eagerly asking: where can I watch ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé?’


As of now, the exclusive way to experience Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour film is in cinemas following its global premiere on December 1. Beyoncé partnered directly with AMC theatres, similar to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour movie in October, making cinemas the exclusive home for her “Renaissance” movie.

The distribution deal proved highly successful, with the movie topping the box office in its debut weekend with a $21 million opening, aligning with initial projections of $20 to $25 million. The fervor surrounding the cinema experience prompted AMC to issue guidelines during the theatrical run, including restrictions on dancing in seats or wearing headwear that could obstruct other viewers’ sightlines.

AMC has announced screenings of the film from Thursdays through Sundays for at least four weeks, although the theatrical run may differ across various countries. However, the film’s post-theatrical destination remains unknown. There is no confirmation yet regarding whether “Renaissance” will be available on streaming platforms or its official arrival date if it does.

Considering Beyoncé’s previous music films like “Homecoming” (on Netflix) and “Black Is King” (on Disney Plus), it’s plausible that “Renaissance” may first become available for rental before landing on streaming services. Following a cue from Taylor Swift’s release strategy for The Eras Tour, “Renaissance” might be accessible for at-home viewing around early 2024. It could potentially be available for purchase on platforms like Vudu, Apple, YouTube, or Amazon approximately 45 days after its cinema debut.

Regarding streaming platforms, it’s confirmed that “Renaissance” won’t be on Max, as the project is not associated with Warner Bros. Discovery. While there’s a possibility that AMC might license the film to a streaming service later on, for now, the only confirmed method to watch the film is by heading to your local cinema.