When will ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ chapter 237 release?


Last week, if you were connected to the internet at all, it was hard to miss the fervor within the Jujutsu Kaisen community. Fans were in an uproar, flooding social media platforms with a deluge of spoiler-filled posts and uproarious memes. It was a level of fervency I hadn’t witnessed since the final chapter of Attack on Titan, and even then, the spoilers were somewhat more contained.

During the same week, the seismic event of Satoru Gojo’s sealing in the latest episode of Season 2 sent shockwaves through the community. The news even made its way into the real-world newspapers of Shibuya. Simultaneously, in the manga, a heart-stopping climax unfolded as Gojo was brutally overpowered by Sukuna, concluding the multi-chapter, epic battle between titans. This chapter primarily unfolds through Gojo’s poignant encounters with his departed comrades in the afterlife, before it catapults us back to the present to reveal the grim aftermath of his seemingly triumphant clash in Chapter 235. As the chapter concludes, we witness Hajime Kashimo hurtling towards the battlefield, mirroring the impending rush of fans to devour Chapter 237 as soon as it hits the shelves.

So, when can we expect the release of Chapter 237?


Gege Akutami’s highly anticipated chapter is slated to make its debut in Japan on October 2nd at the stroke of midnight. For Western enthusiasts, this translates to an early morning treat on October 1st, at 8 AM PT and 11 AM ET. It will be prominently featured in issue 42 of Shueisha’s esteemed Shonen Jump magazine.

In the meantime, the online discourse is alive and kicking, with fans unable to resist speculating on what twists and turns lie ahead. A redditor aptly remarked, “Watch,” speculating, “Sukuna ends everyone here and then it time skips 1000 years in the future where all the main cast reincarnate to start all over again.” Now wouldn’t that be a rollercoaster? Here’s to hoping that Akutami will show a modicum of mercy to his devoted fanbase after the heart-wrenching blow dealt by Chapter 236.