When was ‘The New Gate’ anime episode 5 released?


It sounds like The New Gate is really heating up with its latest developments! The anticipation for Shin’s revelation to Wilhelm in the upcoming fifth episode is certainly palpable. It’s fascinating how the series draws inspiration from the 2013 light novel series by Shinogi Kazanami, presenting a gripping narrative set within the immersive world of an online game. The parallels drawn between The New Gate and the popular Netflix series Alice in Borderland only add to the intrigue, promising an exhilarating experience for fans of both.

At the heart of The New Gate lies Shin, a formidable player thrust into a fantastical realm 500 years after his heroic deed in the game. His journey, intertwined with encounters with new allies and adversaries, unfolds against the backdrop of a richly detailed world brimming with mystery and danger.

The recap of episode 4 showcases the series’ penchant for thrilling action and poignant character moments, as Shin, Schnee, and their companions face off against formidable foes while navigating the complexities of their own relationships and motivations. The prospect of Shin’s departure from this world adds a bittersweet layer to their interactions, underscoring the emotional depth of the story.


As for the eagerly awaited release of episode 5, fans can mark their calendars for Sunday, May 11, 2024, when the next installment will premiere. With its weekly release schedule, viewers can look forward to another immersive chapter in Shin’s journey, brought to life by the talented team at Cloud Hearts and Yokohama Animation Laboratory, under the guidance of director Tamaki Nakatsu and series composition by Hiroki Uchida. Itsuki Takemoto’s character designs promise to further enhance the visual appeal of the series, ensuring an unforgettable viewing experience.

Whether tuning in on Tokyo MX or streaming on Crunchyroll and Bilibili, fans worldwide can join in the excitement as The New Gate continues to captivate audiences with its enthralling storytelling and dynamic animation. So, prepare to embark on another thrilling adventure with Shin and company, as they navigate the perils of The New Gate’s immersive world.