When Is TORE Netflix Original Coming? Here’s What We Know!


The upcoming Netflix original series, “TORE,” delves into the profound question of what one does when faced with the loss of a pivotal person in their life. Does one grieve, seek vengeance, or simply retreat into silence?

At 27 years old, Tore experiences the devastating loss of the most significant person in his life due to a tragic garbage truck accident. Struggling to cope with the grief, Tore adopts a dual life. By day, he carries on working at his father’s funeral home, feigning normalcy and pretending as though nothing has changed. Yet, come nightfall, Tore immerses himself in the vibrant atmosphere of a gay boat in the city. Here, he encounters euphoria through a heady mix of alcohol, intimate experiences, and drugs for the very first time.

This new world, both beautiful and perilous, opens up to Tore, offering him an escape from his profound loss. However, concerns arise among his best friend, Linn, and colleagues at the funeral home. They fear Tore may lose his grip on reality, jeopardizing his connection to the real world.


“Tore” unfolds as a coming-of-age narrative about a man who has loved deeply and suffered immense loss. It showcases the resilience of friendship and even includes an audacious mission to retrieve a Labrador from another family. The series skillfully balances heart-wrenching moments with humour, eliciting both tears and laughter.

William Spetz, the creator and lead actor of the series, shared a personal insight with Netflix. He expressed that dealing with the death of a loved one can create a profound internal struggle, causing an identity crisis. This glitch in one’s mental landscape becomes a source of pain but also serves as a wellspring of comedy. It was this very glitch that inspired Spetz to pen the story of “TORE.”

In addition to Spetz’s portrayal of Tore, the series features a talented cast, including Hannes Fohlin as Erik, Sanna Sunqvist as Linn, Karin Bertling as Heidi, Pete Haber as Bosse, and many more, promising a compelling and emotionally resonant viewing experience.


TORE Release Date

Netflix has officially announced that the scheduled premiere date is set for October 27, 2023. This eagerly anticipated release date has generated a buzz of excitement among fans and subscribers worldwide, who are eagerly counting down the days until they can immerse themselves in the latest content.