When Is One Piece Episode 1078 Coming?


One Piece Episode 1078 is highly anticipated by fans and is scheduled to premiere on Japanese TV networks at 11:00 a.m. JST (Japan Standard Time) on Sunday, October 1, 2023. For international fans, this means it will be available on Saturday night in their local time, depending on their time zone.

The episode will be accessible for streaming on Crunchyroll, typically around 90 minutes after its initial airing in Japan. Funimation also streams new episodes of One Piece, but Crunchyroll tends to offer a faster release for international viewers.

In the previous episode, Kaido, one of the main antagonists, was defeated, marking a significant turning point in the story. As the narrative unfolds in the Wano region, fans are eager to see what developments will transpire next.


While no specific spoilers are currently available, many believe that the conclusion of the current story arc may be drawing near. Nevertheless, the exact events of the episode remain a subject of speculation.

In Episode 1077, the episode commenced with the dramatic defeat of Kaido, who plummeted into the magma in Wano. This pivotal moment signified his downfall. Subsequently, celebrations erupted among the victorious allies. Tony Tony Chopper found himself tending to numerous patients, with assistance from Miyagi and Tristan.

Elsewhere, Otoko and Tenguyama Hitetsu engaged in a conversation about Otoko’s father, Yasuie Shimotsuki, who purposefully allowed himself to be captured. Hitetsu clarified that Yasuie undertook this action to provide the people of Wano with an opportunity for liberation.

A flashback unveiled that Otoko had consumed a SMILE Fruit, inspiring Yasuie to do the same. Momonosuke made an announcement regarding Wano’s decision not to immediately open its borders to Zunesha. The Animal Kingdom Pirates attempted to continue the fight but were deterred by an undersea eruption and swayed by Yamato’s words.

Momonosuke then revealed himself to the people of Wano, initially being mistaken for Kaido. He clarified his identity as Hiyori, and the Akazaya Nine made their presence known. The episode concluded with Denjiro preparing to introduce the new shogun to everyone.

In Episode 1078, it is anticipated that the episode will commence by introducing Momonosuke as the next shogun of Wano, following Denjiro’s proclamation in the previous episode. However, it remains uncertain whether this introduction will occupy the entirety of the episode or if additional events will be covered.

Should the latter scenario unfold, fans can expect to see original scenes created specifically for the anime, exploring the significance of Momonosuke’s return for certain characters. Additionally, the episode may address any casualties that occurred during the alliance’s raid, as well as focus on any noteworthy characters from Kaido and Orochi’s faction who may have met their fate in the battle.