When is Disability Pride Month?


But what about a month dedicated to celebrating people with disabilities, recognizing their identities, history, achievements, culture, struggles, and significant contributions to society and the world? What about a month that aims to change how the general population views and defines disability, stopping the stigma and promoting the idea that it’s a natural aspect of human diversity? Such a month exists, and it’s called Disability Pride Month.


When is Disability Pride Month, What Does It Entail, and Why is It Important?

Disability Pride Month is observed annually in July. This month was chosen by the disabled community to coincide with the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. This groundbreaking legislation significantly reduced societal barriers for people with disabilities.

The origins of this celebration can be traced back to an event on March 12, 1990, known as the Capitol Crawl. Over 1,000 people marched from the White House to the United States Capitol to urge Congress to pass the ADA. Activists, including eight-year-old Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins, dramatically demonstrated the inaccessibility of public spaces by crawling up the Capitol steps after leaving their wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Many participants were arrested, but their efforts were pivotal in passing the ADA.

Disability Pride Month is essential because people with disabilities make up 15% of the world’s population. Disability is a universal experience, affecting individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, shapes, sizes, sexual preferences, classes, education levels, and socio-economic standings. Despite this, one in four Americans with disabilities still faces discrimination.

This month aims to highlight inspiring stories of people with disabilities who thrive as students, workers, community leaders, and engaged family and community members when given the chance to do so. Disability Pride Month emphasizes inclusion and equality, showcasing what can be achieved under these principles.

This year’s poignant theme, “We Want a Life Like Yours,” reflects the aspirations for life experiences often unavailable to the disabled community. The theme underscores the desire for equal opportunities and a life free from unnecessary limitations.

In July, joining in the celebrations of Disability Pride Month offers a chance to become educated, enlightened, and moved. It’s an opportunity to meet incredible people, learn about their experiences, and have fun while supporting a significant cause.

Disability Pride Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of people with disabilities. It challenges societal perceptions, promotes inclusion, and honors the diversity that makes humanity strong. By participating in this month-long celebration, we can all contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.