When Is Dead Mount Death Play Episode 15 Coming?


The upcoming fifteenth episode of “Dead Mount Death Play” is highly awaited by fans and is slated for release on October 23, 2023. This marks an exciting moment for enthusiasts, especially considering the recent commencement of the series’ second part.

In this episode, the spotlight will be on our central character, Polka, as he grapples with the challenge of safeguarding his concealed identity. The revelation of Polka’s true nature is a subject of great interest to many, posing a significant hurdle to the Corpse God’s mission. Additionally, episode 15 is poised to shed light on the series’ burgeoning popularity in the weeks ahead.

The fourteenth episode provided a retrospective glance at the narrative’s earlier developments, offering a summary of the story’s progression thus far. It also underscored the precarious predicament facing Polka, who is fervently striving to divert attention away from himself to preserve his secret identity.


Enter Kochou, a character who injects levity into the story but is equally consumed by curiosity regarding the Corpse God’s true identity. This episode deftly balances humor and intrigue as the tale unfolds.

Episode 15 of “Dead Mount Death Play” is projected to delve deeper into Polka’s trials as he grapples with the imperative of concealing his genuine identity. The criminal underworld will likely have its gaze fixed on him, heightening the suspense.

Moreover, it appears that Kochou will play a more substantial role in this episode. She might take on greater significance, and characters who were relatively peripheral in the previous episode may step into more prominent roles as the plot thickens. Expect an enthralling episode, rich with mystery and character development.