When is Chris Evans’ birthday and how old is he?


Chris Evans has undeniably become a cherished figure among Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

Despite his extensive and impressive career, one might assume that Evans is older than he appears, considering the vast portfolio he has amassed. Surprisingly, the Gray Man actor looks notably younger than his actual age.

As of now, Chris Evans is 42 years old, born on June 13, 1981. It’s quite intriguing to note that the man who embodied the essence of Captain America, one of fiction’s most revered leaders, happens to be a Gemini.


With his birthday recently passing, the hope for Evans might be that his upcoming film, Red One, turns out to be a belated gift—especially following his involvement in projects like Lightyear and Ghosted. Given the anticipation surrounding his next movie, fans are eager for Evans to experience success in this venture.

However, there are mixed expectations about Red One’s outcome. While the presence of Dwayne Johnson in a co-lead role might not seem like the most promising sign, the Christmas action film also boasts J.K. Simmons portraying Santa Claus, offering a glimmer of hope for its potential success.