When is A Haunting in Venice coming to Disney Plus?


Following the director’s earlier adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, A Haunting in Venice is the most recent of Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha Christie works. The good news is that this film may be the greatest in the series because it replaces Istanbul and Egypt with Venice while also posing a supernatural threat to Poirot. Although the new film isn’t really a horror, it is definitely creepy enough to provide a few satisfying frights.

With Poirot’s biggest problem yet, A Haunting in Venice already rates among the top detective films of the last few years because to its menacing atmosphere and stellar cast. The movie is currently playing in theatres, but because the two predecessors are already available on Disney Plus, will A Haunting in Venice also be available there?


When is A Haunting in Venice coming on Disney Plus?


A Haunting in Venice is only accessible in theatres and isn’t currently available on Disney Plus.

Nevertheless, we anticipate A Haunting in Venice will be available on the streaming service following its theatrical release, most likely around Christmas 2023, much like the other two Poirot films.

Like the other Branagh Poirot films, A Haunting in Venice is the ideal cosy Christmas movie, but it’s also the ideal cinematic experience for a Halloween that isn’t too terrifying. In fact, a number of murder mystery films, including Knives Out and See How They Run, do very well during the winter.

Of course, it might appear on Disney Plus sooner or later. As of right now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation, but as soon as there is, we’ll let you know.