When does the ‘Boruto’ anime return?


Creating a sequel to one of the most impactful anime series in history is an undertaking fraught with challenges, yet the creators of Boruto have not only taken it on but have executed it admirably. Opinions on this Naruto spin-off have been diverse, with critiques aplenty. However, the truth remains that whenever a significant development occurs within the series, the news reverberates widely throughout the anime community.

Since its debut in 2017, Boruto’s transition onto the screen has etched out its own identity, drawing in both dedicated followers of the original franchise and newcomers alike. Despite its penchant for straying from the original source material and an impressively high number of filler episodes, the anime offers an experience that is well worth delving into. This is especially true for those who can discern the value in the occasional filler content that genuinely enriches the narrative (yes, such instances do exist, and it’s high time we acknowledge that not all filler content is subpar).

Regrettably, just as the anime was poised to delve into the Omnipotence arc, the animation studio made the decision to temporarily halt its production. Understandably, fans found it difficult to welcome this hiatus, and their impatience is steadily growing as they eagerly await Boruto’s return to the screen. It is often said that patience yields rewards, but the pressing question remains: just how protracted must this wait be?



Does the Boruto anime have a return date?

Regrettably, the Boruto anime remains without a confirmed return date. As of now, all that has been disclosed is that Part 2 of the adaptation is presently in the production phase, as officially communicated on Boruto’s website in March of 2023. This announcement coincided with the revelation of the hiatus, and since then, there has been no further update on the matter.

While this news might be disheartening for fans, in the grand scheme, it may turn out to be a positive development. The uninterrupted run of the anime from 2017 to 2023, with minimal breaks, necessitated Studio Pierrot to consistently invent content to fill the gaps while awaiting new material from the manga. This led to the creation of numerous original story arcs, which isn’t inherently detrimental, but it can potentially disrupt the series’ overall pacing. Therefore, even though the specific reason for the hiatus remains undisclosed, it is highly likely that it was a strategic move to allow the series to take a breather and permit the manga to generate sufficient new material for adaptation.

While “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” has already commenced its monthly publication, this timeline suggests that there might still be a considerable wait before the anime resumes. Nevertheless, when that moment arrives, rest assured that fans will be eagerly awaiting its return with open arms.