When did Bree Turner join NBC’s ‘Grimm?’


The NBC series “Grimm” provides a clever twist on the classic tales of The Brothers Grimm, diverging from the film starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. In this show, the familiar subject matter of fairy tales takes a chilling turn within the realm of crime procedurals.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the series follows the titular detective, Nick Burkhardt (portrayed by David Giuntoli), who discovers that he is part of a lineage entrusted with maintaining the delicate balance between good and evil. Endowed with the ability to see ancient mythical creatures roaming in the present day, Nick employs his skills to solve eerie crimes. Joining forces with a reformed Bludbat named Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell), the duo embarks on daring adventures to eradicate evil from the world. “Grimm” utilizes age-old mythology to construct an immersive supernatural world akin to iconic series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Teen Wolf,” consistently delving into the dichotomy of good versus evil.

The series emphasizes that one’s lineage, even if it comprises supernatural beings, doesn’t automatically denote malevolence. Monroe exemplifies this, exercising restraint and discovering a kindred spirit in fellow Wesen, Rosalee Culvert (played by Bree Turner). While Rosalee doesn’t make her debut until later in the show, she seamlessly integrates into the core cast.


Rosalee makes her first appearance in “Grimm” during season 1, episode 15. Following her brother’s enigmatic demise, she starts to realize her similarities to investigator Monroe. Both classified as Wesen, Rosalee and Monroe are a type of shapeshifter. While Monroe embodies the traits of a Bludbat with wolf-like characteristics, Rosalee is a Fuchsbau, with her Wesen form resembling that of a fox. Upon uncovering her brother’s murderer, Rosalee becomes an integral member of their crime-fighting team. Eventually, she and Monroe cultivate a romantic relationship founded on shared ideals and their bond as Wesen.

Bree Turner appears in an impressive 100 episodes of “Grimm,” spanning from her introduction in season 1 to the final season aired in 2017. Throughout this time, her character undergoes significant growth, evolving from a newcomer to an integral member of the “family” formed by the main characters. Rosalee and Monroe ultimately tie the knot and even become parents to triplets, a union that is frowned upon by a cult who deems cross-species relationships as taboo. Despite not achieving the highest ratings, “Grimm” delves into socially relevant narratives and celebrates the love between its central characters. The show’s longevity of six seasons on a major network solidifies its status as a beloved genre favorite.