When and where to watch upcoming documentary ‘Where is Wendy Williams?’


After months of grappling with a harsh diagnosis in private, Wendy Williams recently made a courageous decision to open up to her fans about the difficult news she received in 2023. The beloved talk show host revealed that she was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, a cluster of ailments that also led to Bruce Willis stepping back from acting in 2022, according to a late February statement from her team.

The news of her diagnosis triggered an instant outpouring of support online, with fans rushing to express their well wishes and share their cherished memories of the longtime Wendy Williams Show host. In response to the overwhelming support, a two-episode limited series titled “Where is Wendy Williams?” was announced, promising to delve into Williams’s recent years, her 2023 diagnosis, and the health struggles that preceded it. Fans of Williams are eagerly anticipating the series, poised to make it one of the most-watched documentaries of the year.

“Where is Wendy Williams?” will offer fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the 59-year-old host’s life leading up to and following her diagnosis. The documentary aims to shed light on her health battles, career trajectory, and personal life, offering viewers a raw, honest, and unfiltered perspective of the woman they see on screen. Williams herself served as an executive producer for the series, intending to take ownership of her own narrative rather than allowing others to tell her story.


The limited docuseries is scheduled to air on Lifetime, with both episodes premiering in just a few days. The first episode is set to debut on Saturday, Feb. 24, at 8/7 central, followed by the second episode on Sunday, Feb. 25. Additionally, both episodes will be available for streaming one day after their Lifetime debut, providing fans with multiple opportunities to catch the compelling series.