What’s The Real Meaning Of Greedy By Tate McRae?


Tate McRae, known for her hit songs like “You Broke Me First,” has made a significant impact on the music scene. Before her music career took off, she had a successful professional dancing career, even competing on “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” where she secured third place. In 2017, McRae transitioned to music by starting a YouTube channel and posting original songs. Her talent garnered attention, leading to a contract with RCA Records. She has released two EPs, showcasing her prowess as both a performer and songwriter.

McRae’s songwriting is characterized by vulnerability, drawing from personal experiences. She emphasizes that music has always been her primary mode of self-expression. Tracks like “You Broke Me First” and “That Way” reflect this openness, particularly concerning matters of the heart. In 2023, McRae released the highly anticipated single “Greedy,” which has sparked curiosity about its meaning.

“Greedy” was inspired by an encounter McRae had at a bar. A man approached her, remarking on her mysterious demeanor, which led McRae to reflect on her tendency to be guarded. The lyrics convey her awareness that she can be challenging to connect with emotionally. She sings about the idea of making someone work to know her better, cautioning against getting too eager. The chorus, in particular, highlights this sentiment: “I’ll put you through hell / Just to know me, yeah, yeah / So sure of yourself / Baby, don’t get greedy.” McRae acknowledges that she takes time to open up and emphasizes the importance of patience.


The music video for “Greedy” adds another layer to the song’s meaning. Filmed in a hockey rink, it sparked speculation among fans about its connection to McRae’s rumored ex-boyfriend, NHL player Cole Sillinger. The video’s context, coupled with lyrics like “Baby, don’t get greedy / That s**t won’t end well,” led fans to believe that McRae may be addressing her past relationship with Sillinger.

Overall, “Greedy” showcases McRae’s ability to weave personal experiences and emotions into her music, resonating with listeners through its relatable themes of vulnerability and self-discovery.