What’s really calling to Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka?


What could possibly be the compelling force beckoning Baylan Skoll in the Disney Plus series “Ahsoka”? Throughout the series, there’s been a recurring theme of something ‘calling’ to our protagonists, a concept not unfamiliar to devoted Star Wars fans. The Force frequently reaches out to specific characters in the Star Wars universe, guiding them toward pivotal actions.

However, it’s worth noting the repeated emphasis on this theme in “Ahsoka,” to the extent that even the new antagonists in the Star Wars saga, Morgan Elsbeth and Baylan Skoll, have started discussing it. While Morgan seems to attribute this calling to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the events in Ahsoka episode 6 suggest that Baylan may be sensing a different presence. So, the question arises: What exactly is calling to Baylan Skoll?

Though “Ahsoka” hasn’t explicitly disclosed the nature of this calling, a theory emerges that Dave Filoni, the creative mind behind the series, might be on the verge of introducing a formidable new threat to the Star Wars galaxy: Abeloth.


But who is Abeloth, and what’s her significance in the Star Wars lore? For those unacquainted with this character, a brief explanation is in order.

Abeloth, also known as the Bringer of Chaos, is an extraordinarily powerful and malevolent Force entity that originally appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now referred to as Star Wars Legends. In this alternative canon, Abeloth began as a mortal woman and eventually transformed into a cosmic being known as The Mother. Alongside two other entities, The Son and The Daughter, she played a role in preserving the balance within the Force.

However, her fear of death and her desire to extend her life and that of her family led her to drink from the Font of Power and bathe in the Pool of Knowledge, ultimately corrupting her and aligning her with the Dark Side. As her powers grew, her family sealed her away, but she would later be freed, engaging in a harrowing battle against the Skywalker clan after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker ultimately managed to defeat her, but concerns lingered about her potential return.

It’s important to note that when Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise, they removed this storyline from the official Star Wars timeline, rendering Abeloth non-canon. Nevertheless, Dave Filoni, a staunch admirer of certain Star Wars literary works, had already incorporated some profound aspects of the Force into the new canon.

Specifically, during the third season of “The Clone Wars,” Filoni introduced The Father, The Son, and The Daughter in a popular storyline known as The Mortis Arc. This narrative explored intricate spiritual concepts within the Star Wars universe, adding depth to the Force that had yet to be explored in the films.

The prevailing theory suggests that Filoni might have executed a strategic twist in his storytelling. While many believed he was laying the groundwork for an epic showdown with Thrawn in his new Star Wars project, it’s now proposed that the true threat to the galaxy may be Abeloth.

This hypothesis aligns with both the narrative and Filoni’s creative tendencies. The enigmatic voice that has been beckoning to heroes and villains alike isn’t necessarily tied to Ezra or Thrawn; instead, it might emanate from Abeloth. It’s plausible that this ancient entity was imprisoned at Peridea by the ancient order of Nightsisters, and she is now orchestrating a gathering of Force-sensitive individuals in the hopes of securing her release. Such a revelation would constitute a captivating twist in the plot, aligning with Filoni’s inclination to reintroduce elements from Star Wars Legends into the new canon.

Moreover, this reinterpretation could offer a gratifying narrative twist, as it deviates from the expectations of fans who have long speculated about Filoni’s adaptation of ‘Heir to the Empire.’ This fresh take introduces a new, formidable antagonist, imbuing the Star Wars universe with unforeseen challenges and intricacies. In Filoni’s world, where the exploration of the deeper facets of the Force is central, Abeloth’s emergence could offer an antagonist worthy of a cinematic masterpiece, potentially surpassing the anticipation for Thrawn.