Whatever Happened To Matt Lauer?


Matt Lauer’s life has taken a divergent path since his dismissal from the “Today Show” amid allegations of sexual misconduct in November 2017. A prominent figure in television for more than twenty years, Lauer faced severe repercussions after multiple accusations surfaced, leading to his termination by NBC Universal.

The allegations against Lauer, which emerged during a two-month investigation following his firing, were deeply troubling. Accusations included incidents during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where a female co-worker reported inappropriate behavior continuing after the event’s conclusion. Shockingly, the investigation revealed instances where Lauer allegedly gifted a sex toy with an explicit note, exposed himself to another colleague in his office, and made inappropriate inquiries about the sex lives of female producers.

Expressing remorse for the pain caused by his actions, Lauer issued a statement but faced personal consequences as well. His wife at the time, Annette Roque, filed for divorce shortly after the scandal broke. Fast forward over six years, Lauer has opted for a quieter existence away from the limelight.


Reports suggest that Lauer now leads a serene life, residing in New Zealand and maintaining a horse farm on Long Island, formerly shared with ex-wife Annette. He sold his Hamptons residence to spend more time in New Zealand, a place he finds peaceful and conducive to productivity. However, this change in lifestyle has led him to distance himself from many old friendships.

Despite living a low-key life, Lauer has made occasional headlines due to his romantic involvement with Shamin Abas, whom he started dating in late 2019. However, reports as of August 2023 indicate strains in their relationship, suggesting potential difficulties in their compatibility.

While embracing a more subdued lifestyle, Lauer remains interested in returning to television, seeking a possible comeback. He holds sentiments of frustration towards his ousting from NBC and feels let down by former colleagues he considered friends. Nevertheless, he acknowledges his mistakes and has evolved into a more humble individual, although recognizing the challenge of a potential return, considering the skepticism surrounding any comeback prospects.

Interestingly, despite the fallout, Lauer had a reunion of sorts with his former “Today” co-hosts at a colleague’s wedding in December 2023. Interactions with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb were described as cordial, with no apparent discomfort, signaling a seemingly amicable reunion despite the history of the scandal that led to Lauer’s departure from the show.