What we know about THIS One DCU mystery that Zack Snyder left unsolved!


Zack Snyder’s tenure at the helm of the DC Universe was unfortunately cut short due to tragic personal circumstances, preventing him from realizing what was reportedly a five-movie vision. In the three films he did complete, especially when considering his director’s cut of Justice League, audiences were introduced to iconic heroes and villains, including a rendition of the fearsome Doomsday. However, the question arises: was this the true Doomsday?

Snyder’s foray into the DCU began with the relatively optimistic and hopeful “Man of Steel,” where he introduced Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. However, the tone took a notably darker turn in 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed 1992 comic arc “The Death of Superman,” Snyder orchestrated the demise of Superman at the hands of one of DC’s most formidable adversaries: Doomsday.

In this rendition, Doomsday was actually a clone, meticulously crafted through genetic engineering by the notorious Lex Luthor, utilizing the remains of General Zod. When a fan inquired about the existence of the “real” Doomsday in 2018, Snyder confirmed that indeed, “Yes – the real Doomsday is out there still.”


However, the portrayal of Doomsday in “Batman v Superman” left many DC fans longing for a version more akin to the unstoppable force depicted in the comics, rather than the creature reminiscent of the mountain troll from the early Harry Potter film.

As the DC Universe embarks on a new era under the guidance of James Gunn, it’s clear that Henry Cavill’s Superman is no longer part of the immediate plans. Hence, the inclusion of Doomsday, particularly in the upcoming “Superman Legacy,” seems highly improbable. The film is set to feature David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan in leading roles.

While a monstrous figure like Doomsday may not be on the horizon, it’s highly likely that the cunning and malevolent Lex Luthor will make an appearance. Actors like Nicholas Hoult and Bill Skarsgård have been linked to the role. Additionally, there are whispers of Brainiac potentially playing a part. Brainiac, a character once considered for the ill-fated “Superman Lives” project helmed by Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton, could offer a fresh and formidable adversary, as he brings both physical and intellectual challenges to Superman.

At this juncture, all of this remains speculative, as “Superman Legacy” is still in the early stages of development, especially with ongoing industry disruptions. As we await its release, fans can explore how to watch the DC movies in chronological order to immerse themselves in the expansive DC Universe.