What We Know About The Shady Side Of Bijou Phillips


Bijou Phillips’ life has been marked by a series of controversial incidents and behaviours, revealing a troubled and tumultuous past. Here are some of the notable aspects of her life:

1. Early Independence and Recklessness: Bijou Phillips gained independence at a young age, living on her own in New York City. She frequented nightclubs despite being underage and engaged in risky behaviours such as smoking weed and inviting friends to sneak into her apartment through her bedroom window.

2. Conflict with Her Father: Bijou’s relationship with her father, John Phillips, was strained. He resorted to drastic measures like blow-torching her windows shut to prevent her from leaving the house.


3. Tabloid Sensation: She became a subject of tabloid interest due to her wild behaviour, including an incident where she allegedly stabbed a male friend with a knife, claiming it was an accident.

4. Allegations of Sexual Assault: Phillips was accused of sexual assault at a New York nightclub. While she disputed the allegations, she admitted to a less severe version of the events.

5. Financial Irresponsibility: At the age of 14, Bijou went on a spending spree with her father’s credit card, accumulating a substantial debt.

6. Involvement in Violent Altercations: She was involved in various physical altercations, including a high-profile incident with Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz.

7. Troubled Relationships with Co-Stars: Her co-stars, including Daniel Franzese and Heather Matarazzo, accused her of abusive behaviour on set.

8. Disputes with Half-Sister, Mackenzie Phillips: Bijou publicly criticized her half-sister Mackenzie Phillips when she wrote a memoir detailing alleged incestuous experiences with their father.

9. Criticism of Mental Health Treatment: Bijou expressed scepticism about psychiatric treatment and advocated for a tough-love approach to mental health issues.

10. Support for Danny Masterson: She stood by her then-husband, actor Danny Masterson, during his rape trial and after his conviction.

Bijou Phillips’ life has been marked by a pattern of reckless behaviour, conflicts, and controversies. Her actions and statements have often drawn public attention and criticism. It’s important to note that these are reported incidents, and individual perspectives may vary.