What We Know About Netflix’s Obliterated!


“Obliterated” is an upcoming action comedy-drama series set to premiere on Netflix on November 30, 2023. Created by the talented team behind “Cobra Kai” – Hayden Schlossberg, Jon Hurwitz, and Josh Heald – the show promises a thrilling blend of action and humor.

The series follows a group of highly skilled special forces operatives on a perilous mission to stop a dangerous terrorist organization from destroying the entire city of Las Vegas. The first season will consist of eight episodes, each estimated to run for about 45 minutes.

The main cast includes:
– Nick Zano as Chad McKnight
– Shelley Hennig as Ava Winters
– Terrence Terrell as Trunk
– Alyson Gorske as Lana
– C. Thomas Howell as Haggerty
– Eugene Kim as Paul Yung
– Paola Lázaro as Angela Gomez
– Kimi Rutledge as Maya Lerner


The plot centers around the elite soldiers, who, after successfully defusing what they believe to be a bomb, celebrate with a wild night out. However, they soon discover that the bomb they defused was a decoy, and the real threat still exists. They must quickly sober up and embark on a thrilling mission to find and disarm the real bomb to save Las Vegas from destruction.

Overall, “Obliterated” promises an action-packed and humor-filled adventure with a diverse team of special forces members striving to protect the city.