What We Know About Dr. Phil And Robin McGraw’s Marriage


Dr. Phil, the renowned television personality known for his tough-love approach, has been married to Robin McGraw for over five decades. Their marriage has some unique aspects that set it apart from others:

Unlike many couples, Dr. Phil and Robin claim that they never have fights. They insist that they’ve never even raised their voices at each other. This is a deliberate choice stemming from Dr. Phil’s determination not to replicate his father’s tendency to yell at his mother. They deal with disagreements promptly, preventing issues from building up over time.

Dr. Phil has a distinctive way of celebrating special occasions with his wife, Robin. He knows her favorite dessert is wedding cake, so he makes sure it’s part of every celebration, from anniversaries to birthdays. Despite receiving the same gift year after year, Robin appreciates the thoughtfulness and looks forward to seeing how Dr. Phil will present it each time.


Throughout their fifty years of marriage, Dr. Phil and Robin have spent very little time apart. Even when they have to be away from each other for work or other commitments, they maintain close contact through FaceTime. They value staying connected and even keep an eye on each other through security cameras in their home.

Dr. Phil’s love for tennis is well-known, and he often enjoys playing matches. However, he and Robin have made a pact to never share a tennis court due to their competitive nature. Instead, they’ve found another shared activity in pinball. They have a pinball machine and enjoy playing together, often playing more games than they initially intend.

Despite these unique aspects of their marriage, Dr. Phil and Robin’s relationship has stood the test of time, and they continue to support and cherish each other. Their commitment to open communication, thoughtful gestures, and finding shared activities contributes to the strength of their marriage.