What was the Spotify Car Thing release date?


Spotify’s Car Thing emerged onto the market in February 2022, offering a dedicated in-car controller for streaming music, particularly catering to vehicles lacking modern audio capabilities. Priced at $90, it boasted a touchscreen display, physical buttons, and voice control, promising to revolutionize the driving experience by providing easy access to Spotify’s extensive music library without the need for a smartphone.

Initially, consumers greeted the Car Thing with enthusiasm, seeing it as a solution to their in-car music needs. However, Spotify’s decision to discontinue the device just two years later came as a shock. The announcement that Car Thing would cease functioning entirely after December 9, 2024, left many users feeling disappointed and frustrated, especially those who had recently invested in the device.

This discontinuation raises broader questions about consumer rights and sustainability in the tech industry. As technology evolves rapidly, the reliance on software support and updates becomes increasingly significant. Devices that lack regular updates risk quickly becoming obsolete, leaving consumers with expensive gadgets that no longer serve their intended purpose.


Some users have suggested that Spotify open-source the Car Thing’s software, allowing the community to develop and maintain it independently. This approach could potentially extend the device’s lifespan and repurpose it for controlling other applications. However, Spotify has remained firm in its decision to render the Car Thing useless, disregarding calls for alternative solutions and contributing to electronic waste.

Ultimately, the saga of Spotify’s Car Thing serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of transparency, accountability, and regulation in the tech industry. Consumers deserve products that offer longevity and value for their investment, and manufacturers have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of their decisions.