What was the budget for ‘Saltburn?’


The film industry buzz in 2023 has largely revolved around Saltburn, a psycho-sexual thriller helmed by Emerald Fennell, renowned for her work on “Promising Young Woman.” With Rosamund Pike’s scene-stealing performance and a particularly attention-grabbing bathtub sequence featuring Barry Keoghan, this film has set social media ablaze, capturing attention for its visually captivating cinematography that’s seemingly tailor-made for Instagram.

Almost every frame of Saltburn exudes opulence, a deliberate choice aligning with its overarching theme—a modern take on the eat-the-rich fable. The narrative follows an Oxford University freshman, portrayed by Keoghan, who becomes infatuated with a popular student, played by Jacob Elordi, eventually maneuvering his way into a lavish million-dollar family estate.

The film’s premise alone is enough to evoke a sense of financial disparity, prompting curiosity about its budget. Though the official production cost for Saltburn remains undisclosed, estimates place its budget between $10 to $38 million. In comparison, Fennell’s previous project, “Promising Young Woman,” had a budget of around $10 million, ultimately grossing $18.9 million worldwide.


Speculations suggest that a substantial portion—about $8 million—of Saltburn’s budget was allocated to its star-studded cast, including acclaimed actors like Richard E. Grant, Keoghan, Pike, and a cameo appearance by Carey Mulligan. Reports from Showbiz Galore highlight Keoghan’s salary for Saltburn at $400,000, while Elordi reportedly earned $320,000 for his role.

Moreover, filming at Northamptonshire’s Drayton House, a historic Grade I listed country estate never before used for film, likely contributed significantly to the production costs. The involvement of renowned collaborators, such as Academy Award-winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”) and Emmy-nominated costume designer Sophie Canale from “Bridgerton,” further escalated the film’s budget into the millions.

Despite the wide range in reported budgets, Saltburn appears on track to recoup its expenses. According to Deadline, the film earned $6.23 million domestically since its November premiere and an additional $9.4 million internationally, totaling over $15 million. However, official details on Saltburn’s budget and box office performance might take time to surface.

For those eager to experience Saltburn, it’s currently in theaters and will be available for streaming on Prime Video starting December 22.